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“Georgia did not attack Russia, Russia is attacking Georgia. They say they were protecting their citizens but we heard the same argument from Nazi Germany in taking the Sudetenland in 1938. Formally, Russia says it is protecting its citizens but in reality it is beginning a war.”

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De sá morais a 26 de Agosto de 2008 às 21:28
If you cant see Putin's tirany, you should look deeper. But we are looking the other side its hard to see what hapens in front of our face...

"It looks like the list from wikipedia. Didn't you teacher told you yet that though a great recourse wikipedia can not be trusted totally. And why on earth does a country want to put its whole weapon arsenal wide open on internet? Right... they accept a list, but off course not the full list. I see I have to enter the American and Israeli weapons in this list.... Two weeks later. Woops someone deleted them. So naive you are."

Looks?! But it isnt! Your teacher should told you to be shure before say something. Yep the US and Israeli weapons... LOL! I saw lots of F-18 and Merkava fighiting! Give a break!

I present you facts, you call me naive. But its you who is seeing things! I call that fantasy!

"Israeli-made Hermes 450 drone"

WOW! A drone! what a powerfull weapon?! How many T72 can a drone destroy? Thousands!!!! LOL!

"Besides that, the oil/gas line you are talking about doesn't even go through South Ossetia nor Abkhazia. And as you see now. The only thing Russia is doing in Georgia is seasing and destroying military Georgian military installations."

By this "weapon discussion" is very clear that you will never accept the TRUTH. You only want to express your hate against NATO as US.

This discussion is OVER!

De Seraphiel a 27 de Agosto de 2008 às 06:38
So the following article is also seeing things?

A very interesting and objective article.
Look for the part that says: Even though the Russians destroyed all that was left of the new American military equipment and installations recently given to Georgia, even Saakashvili is unlikely to want to start up the war again—at least just now, unless Cheney is going to bring with him the 82nd Airborne Division and the 6th Fleet.

The guy writhing this is an american who has written several books about American foreign policy. So you suggest that what stands on wikipedia is far more reliable then what an expert has to say about it. Or do you claim that Mr. William Pfaf is seeing things too?

I don''t hate NATO nor the US. Both have acted the only way they could. Though I must say that I'm getting more and more sceptical about the US, placing rockets in Europe and putting money and training in other countries armies. The US has done that throughout history. And the end result has until now been that they at the end have gone to war against those countries. Russia is now doing the same thing. Placing Russian military equipment in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Off course the international community does not allow this. Only the US can do such things.... So that's why I'm skeptical about the US.

But that's a different sotry. The point here is that unlike in kosovo. Russia managed to act in stead of doing it the Western Euorpean way with weeks of talking. Because of Russias actions the lives of most Ossetians and Abkhazians are spared.

I'm sorry to see you don't want to discuss this issue any further. But I appreciate the time you spend on this discussion. Thank you.

De A.Torres a 29 de Agosto de 2008 às 23:38
The [Abkhaz] separatist forces committed widespread atrocities against the Georgian civilian population, killing many women, children, and elderly, capturing some as hostages and torturing others ... they also killed large numbers of Georgian civilians who remained behind in Abkhaz-seized territory.U.S. State Department, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1993, February 1994, pp. 877, 881.

In 1992, the political situation in Abkhazia changed into the military confrontation between Georgian government and Abkhaz separatists. The fighting escalated as Georgian Interior and Defence Ministry forces along with police units reached the city of Gudauta. Separatists started to retreat from Georgian held territories. Under the alleged aid from Russia, they managed to re-arm and organize “volunteer battalions” from North Caucasus. In early 1991, Abkhaz separatist forces and their allies started their counterattack on Georgian held-positions. Abkhazia was known for its multi-ethnic population, which included Georgians (46% in 1989), Russians, Greeks, Armenians, Ukrainians, Abkhaz, etc. Ethnic Georgians living in Abkhazia started to organize their own battalions and resistance movements which inflicted a significant blow the separatist advance. Confronted with about 240,000 ethnic Georgians who were unwilling to leave their homes, Abkhaz side started the process of ethnic cleansing in order to expel and eliminate the Georgian ethnic population of Abkhazia. US State Department, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1993, February 1994, pp. 120

The total number of killed in the process of ethnic cleansing ranges from 10,000 to 30,000, which does not include the numbers of missing, wounded and tortured people. More than 200,000 ethnic Georgians were expelled from their homes. The ethnic cleansing also included Russians, Abkhaz, Armenians, Greeks and other minor ethnic groups living in Abkhazia. More than 20,000 houses owned by ethnic Georgians were destroyed. Hundreds of Schools, kindergartens, churches, hospitals, historical monuments were pillaged and destroyed.

Error creating thumbnail:
Ethnic Georgians flee from Abkhaz attackAfter the end of the war, the government of Georgia, Hague War Crimes Tribunal, United Nations and OSCE, as well as the refugees themselves, began to investigate and gather facts about the allegations of genocide, ethnic cleansing and deportation which was conducted by the Abkhaz side during the conflict. In 1994 and again in 1996 the OSCE during the Budapest summit gave its official recognition of ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia and condemned the “perpetrators of war crimes committed during the conflict.” From the Resolution of the OSCE Budapest Summit, December 6, 1994

On March 2006, the Hague War Crimes Tribunal announced that it had reviewed all the documents submitted by the Georgian side. After a full-scale investigation, the Tribunal concluded that it would prosecute and start hearings against the campaign of ethnic cleansing, war-crimes and terror inflicted on ethnic Georgians in Abkhazia.

Reports of atrocities and war-crimes are still reaching the international community (especially the United Nations) from the Gali region. According to UN observers, the situation there is alarming.

"A terrible find has been made by the local residents of the mountains of Abkhazia, near the spot where clashes with the sea-born landing troops (attempting to cut the Ochamchire-Sokhumi highway) had taken place..Pieces of a human body were hanging on long wires from tree..Those were remains of two skinned Georgian men..It is not only soldiers that are killed. In the same woods, near one village there I found a corpse of a pregnant Georgian women. She had been raped and disemboweled."Dmitry Kholodov, Moscow journalist covering the Conflict, 1992

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